Baby Naming Ceremony

Today there are still many reasons to have a naming ceremony. The symbolism of welcoming a child into the community is one dating back thousands of years and has great meaning. It gave the child identity and meaning.

Many people today are looking to other alternatives rather than the prescribed religious ceremony for naming babies and young children. It gives parents the freedom to devise their own extremely meaningful ceremony. Namings can apply to children of any age, whether newborn or older.

Children can be welcomed and introduced into a new family unit after divorce or the death of a previous partner. It is a way of cementing relationships within the wider family, especially if both parents have children from previous relationships. A naming ceremony is perfect for adopted children and offers a unique way to introduce and welcome them to their new life.

To involve family and friends in such a joyous occasion is special, as is the choosing of supporting adults to supplement the moral and physical care of the children/child involved.

Whatever the reason you choose to have a naming ceremony, I can help. Together, we will create a day to remember, uniquely created to suit your needs.

My fees include a meeting at the venue of your choice, writing and conducting the Naming and a run through of the ceremony.
Certificates to keep: memory boxes for the certificate, which is provided, and candles, are also available at a small extra cost.

Fees £320

Contact me for more information and I’ll be happy to help you.